Investment Opportunities in West Java
Kertajati Aerocity

Kertajati Aerocity is an area of 3.480 Ha that is directly integrated with the airport. The development of Aerocity is expected to drive economic & industrial growth in the surrounding area, so that it can provide business opportunities and traffic potential for the airport. In its continuous development, the Aerocity will consist of 5 major clusters, with land use of Industrial & Warehouse Zone, Office & Commercial Zone, Mixed-use Zone, and Residential Zone.

Agro Techno Park (ATP) Wanaraja

Agro Techno Park is an area that functions to apply various types of food crop agriculture, horticulture and plantations, animal husbandry, fisheries and product processing (post-harvest) technologies. In addition, ATP is also useful in providing application space, piloting integrated agricultural technology to scientists as well as providing training and integrated agricultural technology transfer to the community in the fields of : crop cultivation and seed technology (food crops, horticulture, and plantations), post-harvest technology and product processing, poultry and ruminant husbandry technology and aquaculture technology.

West Java Digital Village

Digital Village is a village empowerment program and improvement of the standard of living of the community through various digital innovations. This program is partnering with various parties, including the central government, corporations, and local and national startups. This program is an effort to prosper the villagers through internet infrastructure, digital literacy, and optimization of internet usage.

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